Touring Around the Beautiful Country of Belgium

Lots of Bicycles

Much of central and northern Europe is filled with bicycles, and this is true of Belgium as well. Even if you live in a bike-friendly city, bike riding in Belgium is likely on a whole other scale. Watch out, as some cyclists pedal so fast that you may not hear them coming.Bike lanes sometimes look similar to sidewalks, so you might find yourself unwittingly strolling in a bike lane if you’re not paying attention as you walk – this is definitely a country to remain aware of your surroundings!

City Cards

If there’s a city in Belgium, there’s likely to be a combination city card you can purchase that will gain you access to multiple attractions, like churches and museums, and at a discount compared to paying for each. While Antwerp Card and Bruges Card and Brussels Card and Ghent Card is expected, you will learn that even many small towns have a pass of their own.

Language in Belgium

Belgium is a country made up of many language regions, so what language will be primarily spoken and visible on street and highway signs will depend on where you are exactly. The north of Belgium is primarily Flemish speaking (also known as Flemish Dutch), similar to what is spoken in the nearby Netherlands. The southern half is typically French speaking, and there are a few German-speaking regions in the far eastern section of the country.

Transit Tickets

The transit system in Belgium is quite convenient, but is centered around making your purchase with a debit or credit card, and you may have trouble using the automated machines unless you have a card with a PIN. While PIN-based debit cards are standard for Europeans, if you don’t have a PIN on your credit card from elsewhere, try your debit card instead (assuming it has a PIN). Otherwise, build in extra time to find a staffed counter and wait in what will likely be a longer line to be able to pay in cash.

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